Cherri's portrait

An elder Dee in the Dee settlement. Cherri lives alone in her small house in the woods on the outskirts of the settlement. She is a grandmother type figure to the other dees, teaching them how to cook and clean and other domestic chores. She was part of the resistance effort that eventually overthrew the king and abolished the monarchy in the days before the settlement. Cherri struggles with ptsd and insomnia and often isolates herself in order to cope with her symptoms.



Cherri and Win were friends as children and dated as when they were young before realizing neither had romantic feelings for the other. They are still close friends and have an intimate trust in one another. Win stays in the guest room at Cherri's house when he visits the settlement.


Whir regularly visits Cherri to help her with chores. Lately Cherri has been teaching them how to cook different dishes. Cherri finds Whir's high energy to be endearing and she's happy to teach such an eager student.


Cherri's home

Cherri lives alone in a small brick house in the woods on the outskirts of the settlement. She keeps a guest room prepared for her friend Win when he comes to visit. Her room doesnt have any windows as any extra light or noise from outside could keep her from sleeping.

Floor plan

Cherri's home floorplan